Board of Directors

Josephine Torres

Josephine Torres has been a member of CommUnify’s Board of Directors since September 2009. Ms. Torres came to our organization through a recommendation from former Santa Barbara City Councilmember Grant House after she resigned from serving on the City of Santa Barbara’s Human Services Commission for 6 years representing the low income sector.

Ms. Torres worked as a Residential Counselor at Devereaux for 5 years, was an Alcohol and Drug Counselor at the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA), and was a Community Care Provider through IHSS. She is currently a self-employed driver for Uber. In addition to serving on the Human Services Commission, Ms. Torres has volunteered for Food from the Heart, and other humanitarian organizations.

Ms. Torres has a personal connection to our mission as well. Growing up with a single mother and three siblings, Ms. Torres has fond memories of attending CommUnify’s Head Start location on Coronel Place. “Being a Head Start alumna gives me enthusiasm to be part of the growth of what the program is today,” Ms. Torres said.

Ms. Torres dropped out of high school at age 17 when she got pregnant and became a single mother herself. Realizing she would have a limited future, she was determined to go back to Santa Barbara High School and graduate. While enrolled there, she participated in the PACE (Parent and Child Enrichment) program for teenage parents and learned how to be a positive role model for her son. Upon graduation Ms. Torres attended Santa Barbara City College and studied Administration & Justice and earned her Certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

A Santa Barbara native born in Cottage Hospital, Josie Torres resides in Santa Barbara and has two adult sons, Joseph and Diego. Ms. Torres enjoys serving her family members and the community.