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Community Services. Human Connections.

Community Services is at the heart of what CommUnify is all about: bringing the right resources, partners and tools together to address individualized needs in our community.

Through our Community Services programs we provide a safety net for many who are living on the edge of not having a roof over their head; having electric and gas to power their refrigerators, stoves and heaters, or having the money to buy food and medicine. Plus we also offer individuals and families the knowledge, mentoring and resources to thrive in the future.

We provide a variety of services designed to empower individuals and families to improve their economic situation and achieve self-sufficiency.

Contact Community Services

For more information, to enroll or support our programs, please call the office nearest you:
• Direct: 805-617-2897
• Toll-Free: 800-655-0617
• Fax: 805-964-6798

Did You Know?


Households received utility payment assistance in 2023


Homes received safety and energy-efficiency upgrades in 2023

Community Services

Rosanna & Suzanne's Story

“My 88-year-old mother [Rosanna] fell and broke her hip while visiting us,” said Suzanne B. of Santa Ynez. After the accident, Suzanne and her husband made the thoughtful decision that Rosanna should come live with them in their home. But preparations needed to be made for the octogenarian to settle safely and comfortably in her new abode.

Suzanne called to request grab bar installation in the bathroom her mother would be using in their home. A Senior Home Repair Technician came out right away to install this safety measure at no cost. “Such fast service,” said Suzanne. “Physical therapists that came to the house to help mom recover from her fall also endorsed the services of Senior Home Repair.”

As Rosanna became more comfortable in her new home, she began to thrive in the warm and lively family environment. “Mom keeps saying how wonderful it is to be around her whole family,” said Suzanne. “She looks and feels better. Mom never used to eat – now that’s what she lives for,” her daughter said laughingly.