Health & Prevention

Adolescent Family Life Planning (AFLP)

AFLP provides strengths-based case management for expectant and young parents, primarily mothers ages 12-21. The program seeks to increase social and emotional support and build resiliency, while helping young parents achieve a healthy pregnancy and learn positive parenting skills. Case managers meet one-on-one with youth to establish a caring relationship, identify the youth’s needs and interests, and offer support with accessing services, setting goals, and planning for the future.

We use a Positive Youth Development approach, recognizing that all youth have strengths, benefit from high expectations and supportive relationships, and are able to make meaningful contributions to their lives, families, and communities. A partnership with CenCal Health will also enhancethe AFLP program's wraparound behavioral wellness support by providing trauma-informed, evidence-based clinical therapeutic services for parents and children.

The AFLP program supports young parents with:

  • Completion of high school education
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Mental health assessments
  • Behavioral wellness services
  • Access to community resources
  • Postpartum health

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For more information, to enroll or support our programs, please call the office nearest you:
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• Toll-Free: 800-655-0617

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