Youth & Safety

South Coast Youth Safety Partnership

The mission of the South Coast Youth Safety Partnership (SCYSP) is to expand the mobilization and alignment of community resources to improve the safety and quality of life for our youth, their families, and the community. Our vision is to have safe and caring communities that provide opportunities for youth to fulfill their educational, employment, and personal potential. SCYSP believes that gang-related challenges in our community are best addressed locally and collectively.

Program goals include:

  • Preventing young people from joining gangs
  • Helping local youth get out of gangs
  • Reducing gang activity in our area

Visit the South Coast Youth Safety Partnership website for more information.

Contact Family & Youth Services

For more information, to enroll or support our programs, please call the office nearest you:
• South County: 805-964-8857
• Mid-County: 805-740-4558
• North County: 805-349-9165
• Toll-Free: 800-655-0617

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