Public Information

CommUnify is committed to transparency. In compliance with the Brown Act, please see below for a list of public documents and a schedule of upcoming public hearings.

Public Documents

Below you will find agency documents including CommUnify’s most recent Impact Report, Audit, IRS Form 990 and our CSBG (California State Block Grant) compliant Community Action Plan and Strategic Plan.

Agency Audits

Agency 990

General Documents

Public Hearings

Below is a list of upcoming Public Hearings from CommUnify, in compliance with The Brown Act.

July 2024 Board Meeting

Date & Time:
July 3, 2024 6:00 PM

All CommUnfiy board meetings are open for public comment. If you would like to participate in the above month's board meeting, please email to receive additional meeting information and the time frame for public comments.

Board Meeting Minutes

CommUnify's Board meets bi-monthly to discuss agency and program updates, performance, financials, resolve action items and plan for the future.