Family & Youth Services

Wellness and Success

Providing stability for youth and their families.

Nothing predicts the future for a child more than the stability of their family life. When families are struggling to deal with one life event after another, stability is the first casualty. A consistent theme across all of CommUnify’s Family and Youth Services is that our programs offer children, youth, and families meaningful and positive contact with staff that are deeply committed to changing their future for the better. Whether addressing the impacts of generational poverty, trauma, adverse experiences, lack of education or stable resources, CommUnify offers youth a chance to build resilience and access the services needed to establish a better future.

Highlights from our diverse set of services include:

  • Increasing accessibility to post-secondary education for low-income students via tutoring, mentoring and counseling.
  • Providing youth with health and preventative education to prepare them to be safe and self-sufficient adults.
  • Case-management for at-risk youth to help them become self-empowered and address the psycho-social issues impeding a path to success.
  • Wraparound independent living and wellness rehabilitation services for youth
  • Facilitating the transportation to and supervision of visitations between separated families

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For more information, to enroll or support our programs, please call the office nearest you:
• South County: 805-964-8857
• Mid-County: 805-400-2070
• North County: 805-349-9165
• Toll-Free: 800-655-0617

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Family & Youth Services

Jose's Story

In his first year of high school, 14-year-old Jose was kicked out for fighting and placed on probation, not an unusual occurrence for a young man growing up in “gang territory.” At his probation hearing, Jose learned about Los Compadres, and how the program for at-risk youth could support him in achieving his academic goals and meeting his probation requirements. He was immediately receptive to this help. Jose has since admitted that without this intervention, he was certainly headed toward gang life.

At his first Los Compadres appointment, Jose met Joshua Hurst, Program Mentor and Community Educator, “Josh is a cool guy, very respectful, and he does a lot for you,” Jose said. Josh tells us that he listens to “his guys” and their complaints, then together they figure out how to manage those stresses, often related to parental control and school structure. With the support of the LosCompadres program, Jose has successfully completed probation, improved his grades and home life, and is now ready to enter 10th grade at Lompoc High School. With guidance and encouragement, Jose is taking ownership of his future.